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The more information you get, the easier it is for you and your contractors

Getting a newly designed and landscaped garden can be a daunting thought. You have a few ideas, but can’t quite picture them in reality. At TLC Landscape Designs, we try to simplify the whole process for you.

After an online questionnaire to help us both understand the nature of your desires, we continue to a 2hr initial consultation. During this time we run over the property and go through some ideas that you may have in terms of new works, while keeping some old. This will narrow things down to give a better picture of what can be done while keep compliant to building codes. Some horticultural advice can be given as well as examples of products that can be used for the works that you want done.

This can be a consultation service only, but there are many services on offer. So if you wish to take it further, we will run through the contract to allow clarity and transparency through the entire process.




Port Noarlunga South, SA



Some Service Combinations

Consultation only

In this service you may know what you want already, but need advice and/or examples of products or leads for tradies. It allows you to make more informed choices when choosing products and/or services.

garden + irrigation design

If you are satisfied with your hardscapes, but wish to spruce up your property with an attractive garden design. This can be done as well. With years of horticultural knowledge and training, as well as extensive plant information at our fingertips. We together can come up with a well watered garden that suits you perfectly.

Consultation and information sheets

After the consultation takes place, there may be a need for documentation on products, as well as extensive information, dimensions, sources, etc. We can compile these together for you and send them your way to simplify your process.

paving and walling design

If you are starting from scratch, or wish to extend, or alter your existing property. We can discuss options for your hardscapes, also products to use while staying in line with building code regulations.

pov concept pic

This point of view concept picture is done with 3d software. It allows you to get more of an idea of what it will look like upon completion of works. This will require a second visit for some measurements for a more accurate image.

full Design service

The full design service gives you all the information you require to start your build. From earthworks to the finishing touches. It includes all of the services listed in the services tab. A link is in the button below.


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If you have any questions about any services offered, or wish to book an ‘initial consultation’. Please either call 0403540542 or email us.

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