TLC Landscape Designs


A service for every design need


Residential Client service

With approximately 20 years experience, TLC Landscape Designs is a business that can be used in a number of ways. We can do a consultation service only. This will give you many suggestions on what is needed with ideas on what products you may want. Or you may wish to know exactly what you want, with knowledge all product expenses before getting any landscapers in. This will include, plans for entire works, sketches, pics with 3D software, step by step proposals, and an estimate for all product costs.

initial consultation service (up to 2hrs)

  • Run through pre-prepared online questionnaire

  • Discuss and suggest possible changes for all works

  • Horticultural advice

  • Water flow test

  • Show examples of products

  • Go through contract for advancing services

information pack

This pack is compiled information on everything that is to be used from the adhesive to stick down the caps on your retaining wall to all of the plant information. This is to ensure that you have all that is necessary to extend, duplicate, repair or any other reason you may need this information for.

contractor service

A contractor service is a service to not only to make things run much smoother for you, but also to give you that professional edge that many would benefit from. You have the same services that a residential client gets, but also get to benefit from the step by step procedure plans. This means you get a number of plans in order of intended works. It simplifies operations for the standard worker, as well as preventing any forgotten about works. You will also be given a folder to give to your client upon completion with all relevant information on all products which also includes extensive horticultural information.

Complete designs for

  • Earthworks and levels

  • Drainage

  • Storm water unsealed/sealed with tank set ups

  • Retaining walls

  • Stairs

  • Paving/concreting

  • Irrigation

  • Garden style of choice

  • Water features

  • Real/synthetic turf

maintenance guide

As part of the information pack, you will receive a maintenance guide. This is the information you need to keep everything looking as good as you can, for as long as you can. This also includes extensive plant information and maintenance suggestions.

Step by step procedures

This service is mainly targeted for the contractor as they are doing the works. This simplifies the step by step procedure to eliminate any confusion between worker and business owner in terms of priority or intended works. This means you will be given a number of plans in order of priority to work with progress payments and ease of access.

mix and match for your requirements

All services may be needed to design the works that you desire, or maybe only a few. You can combine any of these to get what you need.

All services must start with the initial consultation.

contractor leads

Being within the horticultural/landscaping industry for so many years, I have come across many different types of contractors. Some are much better than others. So to lift the burden from your shoulders, if you get any designs from TLC Landscape Designs, we can source a competent landscape contractor in your area for you.

Free of charge.