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Why TLC Landscape Designs was developed

Working within the horticultural/landscaping industry for so many years, I have discovered that there are many organisational differences between the smaller residential landscaping businesses and the larger companies. This has to do with profitability which unfortunately rolls over to the client. Residential job costs are kept down as low as they can go in most cases, but are sometimes quite unorganized. My goal is to bridge the gap between affordability and professionalism. This is to reassure and inform clients, as well as keep things running smoothly for contractors to prevent any profit loss.


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Tyson Cardwell



Certificate 2 Horticulture (Nursery) 2001

Certificate 3 Horticulture (Nursery) 2006

Certificate 4 Horticulture (Landscape) 2011

Areas of assigned works

  • Retail and wholesale nurseries

  • Commercial Landscaping

  • Residential Landscaping

  • Landscape supplies